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Island Hopping Anniversary Adventures

You guys, our trip to Thailand is just around the corner and the butterflies are definitely kicking in. We have been planning this trip for quite a while now, and it feels a little surreal that we’ll be boarding that plane so soon.

Last year, when we first started dreaming about locations for our fourth wedding anniversary we had four specific criterion in mind: we wanted to go somewhere warm, somewhere exotic, somewhere we’ve never been, and preferably, somewhere far away from “home.” I envisioned relaxing on gorgeous stretches of white sand, snorkeling in crystal-clear azure colored water, hammocks, groves of palm trees, and hopefully some cool places to scuba dive.

Trip Collage

We narrowed down our choices to Italy, Greece, or Thailand, and I knew that no matter where we went, the experience was going to be incredible. So last fall, after a lot of back and forth, and a few weeks of indecision, Cody and I chose Thailand; and as we began sharing details of our upcoming adventure with our friends and family, we were met with pure joy and excitement for our trip and then a curious follow-up question of, “What made you choose Thailand?”


I think the photo above explains why we chose Thailand. 😉

Known for its incredible beaches, flavorful food, friendly people, interesting history, and rich culture, there’s a lot to love. Another important factor is that Thailand has been rated one of the best places in the world to scuba dive, and after discovering the insanely-favorable currency exchange rates, I felt that we would be crazy for passing up such a great deal.

From reading my travel guides cover to cover, to reading the adventures of fellow travel bloggers, to flipping through articles in Islands magazine, the more I research about Thailand the harder I fall for this slice of paradise.

And just when I thought I couldn’t be more excited, last month Trip Advisor announced its Top 10 Islands of 2015here’s a secret–our anniversary destination made the list. So why did we choose Thailand? The answer is simple, why not? 🙂

Have you been to Thailand? Share your travel tips below. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Island Hopping Anniversary Adventures”

  1. Thailand is wonderful but there are pros and cons. Pay attention to my next post, I am going to share some experience as a warning for travellers in Thailand once I feel better 🙂

    1. I will definitely check out your post. I hope everything is okay.
      As we’ve prepared for our trip we have read a lot about the dangers of traveling to Thailand but we felt that there are dangers no matter where you travel (unfortunately!).
      I will always take all of the advice I can get when it comes to traveling, so I’ll be sure to check out your post.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Hi Krystle,
    Being half Thai myself with many family members living there, Thailand is a regular holiday for me. Thai food may arguably be the best food in the world! If you can handle the heat; papaya salad (som tum, and don’t be fooled by the salad name, this can be fiery!) and sweet and sour soup with prawn (tom yum goong) are my favourites. Of course there is always the staple stir-fry (pad thai) and stir-fry basil pork (pad ka prao). Make sure to have the latter with a crispy fried egg.

    Dessert is sticky rice with mango. Wash it all down with a frosty pineapple smoothie. Or any cocktail with pineapple in it will go down a treat!

    Hope you have a great time!

    1. Your comment makes me SO excited! 🙂 I’m a little worried about the heat in the food, as I like spicy and some heat, but nothing tooooo extreme. I’ve heard great things about the green papaya salad. Can’t wait to try it. and I will definitely try the Tom Yum Goong. Love prawns and sea food. Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve been curious about the sticky rice with mango, we will definitely be trying it. So many exciting things to try. Woohoo! Can’t wait. Thanks again for your advice. 🙂

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