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The Roundup: Thailand Style

This post marks my last in our fourth anniversary adventure to Thailand. I love that through this blog I feel like I get to go on not one vacation, but two, as I relive the trip (and every excruciating detail) 🙂 here on the blog. I hope that you've enjoyed reading about our adventures and found some… Continue reading The Roundup: Thailand Style

Koh Tao
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A Traveler’s Kryptonite

FOMO. Have you heard of it? Yes, I am using a hipster acronym to start off this blog post, and for those of my readers who are still hooked on the "vintage" language, FOMO stands for: Fear of Missing Out. I think we have all suffered from FOMO at one point or another, and as a… Continue reading A Traveler’s Kryptonite

Koh Tao
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Under the Sea: Koh Tao

The alarm clock blared to life at 5:00am on our second consecutive day of diving, and we reluctantly dragged ourselves out of bed in order to catch our taxi. Sleepy eyes and tired muscles aside, the early wake-up call that morning was well worth it as we were headed to Chumphon Pinnacle; which is prized as one of Koh Tao's best locations to… Continue reading Under the Sea: Koh Tao

Koh Tao
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Diving with the Cool Kids

We arrived on Koh Tao with one agenda: to SCUBA DIVE. And we weren't alone. Thousands of people flock to this tiny tropical island each year to learn how to breathe underwater, and with great visibility, lots of marine life, and beautiful coral reefs, there's no better location to complete your scuba certification--after all, it's Paradise. I… Continue reading Diving with the Cool Kids

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Koh Tao: The “Other” Greek Isle

As I began researching for a place to stay on Koh Tao, I knew that I wanted to stay somewhere romantic, somewhere beautiful, and of course, somewhere safe. I didn't want to stay too far from town as we were planning on diving frequently throughout our stay, yet I wanted to avoid staying right in the middle of the action on… Continue reading Koh Tao: The “Other” Greek Isle