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The Roundup: Thailand Style

This post marks my last in our fourth anniversary adventure to Thailand. I love that through this blog I feel like I get to go on not one vacation, but two, as I relive the trip (and every excruciating detail) 🙂 here on the blog. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about our adventures and found some helpful tips along the way.

It’s time for “The Roundup” which was a series I started last year to recap each destination in our adventures. It includes location tips, lessons learned, and things we will change on our next visit.

I’m notorious for packing too much into our vacations, however, if things don’t go exactly as planned we end up with places and experiences that get bumped to the next vacation. (Which is completely okay by me, because that means we get to go back sometime, right?) 🙂

For our trip to Thailand I spent an enormous amount of time researching as we were traveling half way around the world, and for the most part, everything went off without a hitch. We explored a famous National Marine Park, witnessed incredible sunsets, searched for whale sharks, pampered ourselves at the spa, checked off another bucket list item,  and found adventure on our fourth anniversary. This trip was full of fond memories, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, hilarious moments, and some spiritual enlightenment, yet (as always) there are a few things that I would change on our next trip.

The Weather

I’ve already mentioned this a few times already but Thailand was HOT! And if we weren’t by the pool or near the ocean, the heat was almost smothering. I was okay with this warm weather but my dear husband prefers it just a tad bit cooler, and while I didn’t know it at the time, one of the hottest months in Thailand is June. Oops! On our next visit to Thailand we’ll try to go in March or April to avoid the extreme heat. (So much for all of my researching, huh?!–You live and learn!)

BoPhut Resort

Andaman Sea

Now that we’ve explored the islands in the Gulf of Thailand, I’d love to spend a week on the Andaman Sea on our next visit. Back in June the coast along the Andaman Sea was soaked in the summer Monsoon, so we chose to skip this location entirely and instead stay on the sunny Gulf side. I’ve heard that the diving is incredible over on the sea, so it’s definitely on my list for “next time.” Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, and Phuket are all places on my “must-visit” list.

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Northern Thailand/Elephant Sanctuary

I planned, and strategized, and contemplated, and did my best to fit in a visit to the Elephant Sanctuary, but in the end we just didn’t have enough time. Looking back, we made the right choice as our trip would have felt rushed any other way, however, on our next trip, I’d love to spend a few days in Northern Thailand before heading to the sunny isles in the South.

Elephant Nature park


Our Favorites:

  • You already know this by now, but we LOVED–absolutely LOVEDour time at BoPhut Resort and Spa. I would recommend this resort to all of my friends and would love an opportunity to go back for a few days of rest and relaxation. While on Koh Samui, I’d look for more diving opportunities around this beautiful island, and I just recently learned about the local brewery and booze tour. (Sign me up!)

BoPhut Resort

  • I don’t think about Thailand without thinking about the incredible water found along its shores; I still daydream about the hypnotizing color and its hot-tub warm temperature. One of our favorite dive shops was located on the tiny island of Koh Tao, and Roctopus Dive made us feel like instant friends. They run an awesome shop, so if you’re looking to get certified in one of the most inexpensive places on Earth look no further than Roctopus Dive.

Roctopus Collage

  • Before we left for Thailand we heard all about the fantastic food–recommendations poured in about certain foods to try, and drinks to sample, and we happily indulged in as much as our bellies would hold.
    Since we’ve been home, Cody and I talk about the delicious Thai food on a weekly, and sometimes nightly, basis. Some of my favorites included the vegetable fried rice, garlic shrimp, and the spicy Green Curry, and Cody loved the Sweet and Sour Chicken, jasmine rice, and vegetable rolls.
    Luckily we have a favorite Thai restaurant here in Salt Lake to minimize our cravings, but it still doesn’t compare to the dishes that we enjoyed on the beach in Thailand. (I mean let’s be honest, everything tastes better on the beach). 🙂

Dinner on the Beach BoPhut Resort

What did I miss? What else should I add to our next Thailand Adventure?

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