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The Flåmsbana

We've covered the first half of our cruise already, can you believe it? From our day at sea, to the breathtaking islands of Ålesund, to the jaw-dropping scenery in Geirangerfjord, the days flew by as the fun continued.  While cruising through our second fjord of the trip, Sognefjorden, I couldn't get over how many small… Continue reading The Flåmsbana

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Cascading Waterfalls in Geirangerfjord

While cruising through Geirangerfjord I witnessed more waterfalls in one hour than I have seen in my entire life. One of my favorite things about my favorite little island in the Pacific--Kauai--is the number of waterfalls that we see on our trips. So you can imagine my surprise (and overjoyed happiness) when I witnessed one… Continue reading Cascading Waterfalls in Geirangerfjord

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Ålesund: A Postcard

I want you to envision a small island with brightly colored buildings located along the waterfront. The buildings are constructed in the Art Nouveau style and are covered with intricate architectural details. The streets are impeccably clean and very narrow. Off in the distance you see other small mountainous islands as well as the entrance to one of the most… Continue reading Ålesund: A Postcard

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Anniversary in Norway

Hi everyone! It's been about three weeks since I sat down to write a blog post, and I've missed you guys!! My trip to Norway was everything that I hoped it would be, and more. Norway is one of the prettiest countries that I have visited. I'm sure I say that a lot, but the… Continue reading Anniversary in Norway

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Hello, 2013!!

2012 held a lot of adventures for my husband and I; we traveled to 7 countries, 3 U.S. Territories, and 5 more states. We swam with sharks, went sailing, explored private beaches and relaxed on remote beaches, snorkeled, crossed off a few different items on my bucket list, and made progress towards my 101 in… Continue reading Hello, 2013!!