Relaxing in Paradise
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The South Pacific on a Budget

I swear that's not an oxymoron. At least, not entirely... I will just come out and say it: we spent more money on our trip to Mo'orea than we've spent on any other vacation. We knew that those fancy overwater bungalows came with a hefty price tag, and I soon learned that a flight to… Continue reading The South Pacific on a Budget

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The Ultimate Bucket List Countdown

You guys, YOU GUYS! I am SO excited to hit the publish button on this blog post today. As you know one of the consistent themes throughout this blog is my never-ending Bucket List -- I've shared the many fun adventures we've had while completing different items on that list, I've shared recent updates to my Bucket List, and… Continue reading The Ultimate Bucket List Countdown


The Bucket List: The Ultimate Destination

I've written quite a bit about bucket lists here on the blog; from updating you on my never-ending bucket list, to discussing my thoughts about the importance of a bucket list, to daydreaming about incredible destinations to add, it's a topic that I can revisit again and again. Looking back through the years I feel so… Continue reading The Bucket List: The Ultimate Destination