Sunset in Zion National Park
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Spring Break in Zion National Park

Back in my college days, Spring Break was synonymous with the warm, sinny sunny city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Our week-long hazy adventures were filled with late nights, bright lights, neon signs, casino chips, strong drinks, and your typical silly shenanigans as we hopped from casino to casino along the Strip. This past spring, more than seven years post-college, I… Continue reading Spring Break in Zion National Park

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park
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Arches: A Red Rock Wonderland

Home to five national parks, seven national monuments, 45 state parks, and a vast expanse of wilderness area, Utah has no shortage of incredible outdoor destinations to explore. And while I have explored a few of the highlights like Lake Powell, Bear Lake, and Park City, I knew that Utah had a lot more to offer; so when… Continue reading Arches: A Red Rock Wonderland

Hot Air Balloon Festival
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A Bucket List Adventure Among the Clouds

There's something whimsical about going on a hot air balloon ride -- the massive colorful balloon, the small wicker basket, and that weightless feeling as you soar high above the ground -- it all feels so playful and dreamy, and ever since I attended my first festival as a young girl I've been fascinated with the idea… Continue reading A Bucket List Adventure Among the Clouds

Aminjirah Sunset
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Albion Basin: Wandering among the Wildflowers

This past weekend as we hiked through massive fields full of colorful wildflowers I couldn't help but sing one of my favorite Tom Petty songs: "You belong among the wildflowers You belong in a boat out at sea Sail away, kill off the hours You belong somewhere you feel free." We've hiked part of the… Continue reading Albion Basin: Wandering among the Wildflowers

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A Gold Medal Weekend Getaway

When I need an afternoon getaway or a relaxed weekend of spontaneous fun, I find myself taking the 20 minute drive through the beautiful Wasatch Mountains towards my favorite little mountain oasis: Park City. Our trips to Park City are never exactly the same... sometimes we spend the majority of our time shopping at Tanger Outlets… Continue reading A Gold Medal Weekend Getaway