Hot Air Balloon Festival
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A Bucket List Adventure Among the Clouds

There's something whimsical about going on a hot air balloon ride -- the massive colorful balloon, the small wicker basket, and that weightless feeling as you soar high above the ground -- it all feels so playful and dreamy, and ever since I attended my first festival as a young girl I've been fascinated with the idea… Continue reading A Bucket List Adventure Among the Clouds

BoPhut Resort
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Year Four: A Bucket List Recap

Happy 2016!! December 16 marked my fourth anniversary of dipping my toes into the travel blog-o-sphere. These last four years went by in the blink of an eye and I love looking back to see how far we've come; we've experienced more than I could have ever imagined and have met so many incredible people along the… Continue reading Year Four: A Bucket List Recap

Elephant Nature park
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A Thrill Seeker Limitation: Controversy in Thailand

If you've read Pictures and Plane Tickets for a while, then you know that I'm a thrill seeker. Swim with Sharks in the Bahamas? Yes, Please! Jump out of an airplane? Can't wait for my second time! (just kidding Mom and Dad...) 😉 Cliff Jump? One of my favorite past times. So when I started researching all of the… Continue reading A Thrill Seeker Limitation: Controversy in Thailand

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A Maui Roundup

Back in July I began a new series called, "The Roundup" which basically recaps our most recent adventure, and includes location tips, lessons learned, and things we will change on our next visit. I'm notorious for packing too much into our vacations, but to be honest, this is by design. If we decide to skip an activity… Continue reading A Maui Roundup